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Music Video - Resistant Virus

The Resistant Virus music video is the third and final phase of the “Resistant Virus” transmedia storyline.  In the first phase of the transmedia storyline, episodic video format was the medium selected to tell the story of how the city becomes consumed by the C8 Virus.   

We created a live event for the second phase of the transmedia storyline which was held on Halloween at Robson Square, where volunteers were asked to come as if they were infected by the C8 virus first introduced in our episodic.   During this live event, we were able to transform and continue the transmedia storyline of our city being consumed by a virus.  In order to add another dimension to the original story, we asked all our volunteers to learn and perform the choreographed dance of Michael Jacksons “Thriller”, to be recorded at the live event.

The third and final phase of the transmedia storyline involved using segments of the recorded Halloween live event to make a music video.  By changing the lyrics of Michael Jacksons “Thriller” song and by adjusted the “Resistant Virus” storyline, we were able to construct a parody of both Michael Jacksons “Thriller” music video and our very own “Resistant Virus” transmedia story. With this change, not only does the storyline continue through the course of three mediums, but it also shifts from an Action/Thriller genre to Comedy format.