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About - Resistant Virus

A coming of age story during a viral pandemic.


Our Mission

Every 35 years, humanity faces a global pandemic. Today, this is our reality. The world as we know it shifts beneath our feet. This is the time to ask ourselves: what are we searching for. Love? Belonging? Truth? Resistant Virus is a web series that explores emotional struggles in family and friend dynamics that contour our lives and shape society…amidst a viral pandemic.

Why are we here? What’s the meaning of our lives? Who designed the reality we are living in? Did we choose it? Is it someone else’s construction: people far more powerful than you or I..? This is what Paige Turner, a teenage girl coming of age during a viral pandemic, begs of us to examine. 

When the power figures, who run the world, are exposed for what they truly are: scared, hurt, angry humans on a quest to numb themselves with ultimate power – who then – can we look to for inspiration?

The pursuit of these questions is embodied in the spirit of Paige Turner. She represents our true essence: love, openness and natural curiosity. Paige is a truth seeker. She’s not afraid to ask tough questions. She digs deep. Seeking the truth of her mother’s mysterious death, she challenges authority figures who try to deny her reality or family and friends who remain “asleep” to the injustices of the world.

In pop culture, Zombies are a metaphor to illustrate humans who are asleep; humans who are awake and human who take advantage of the sleeping. Early Zombie films use the Zombie metaphor to critique our consumer-oriented culture. Resistant Virus uses the Zombie metaphor as social commentary to mirror society’s waking nightmare and those who are woke.

Existing within the social structures of teenage life, Paige treads into an unknown reality. Guided by an untamed energy deeply embedded within her DNA, she encourages us to muster up our courage. She begs us to ask ourselves: who are we beyond our conditioning?  How can we have an impact? 

Have you woke yet?

Join The Resistance… .